Agape Latte

Agape Latte is a program started by the Newman community in 2016, inviting members of University faculty, staff, and administration to speak on great moments in their lives. Our previous speakers have been Dr. Benjamin Hafensteiner, Eleanor Oi, Dr. Christopher Niemiec, Dr. James Memmott, Dr. Richard Feldman, and Dr. John Kapusta. The talks focus around perspectives of faith, relatable life experiences, personal witness that lead to growth, overcoming of an obstacle, or an unexpected event in one’s life. The talks are meant to be a relatable story, which helps the speaker communicate to the students in a peer-to-peer position, rather than from a seat of authority. The event opens with a musical performance, followed by the speaker's talk, and concludes with questions from the audience.

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This Semester's Lecture

Jenna Modic (Spring 2019)