Letter to students

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Catholic Newman Community and to the University of Rochester! Your years at Rochester are sure to be enriching both academically and socially, and we pray, spiritually as well.


  • Catholics are the largest single denomination at Rochester
  • Over 200 students attend one of two Sunday Masses regularly
  • Newman has won 3 national awards for student programing
  • Over 75 student leaders plan and facilitate nearly 100 programs

Contact us anytime with any questions, needs and/or concerns. We are here to help you succeed.

God Bless and we hope to see you soon!

Fr. Cool,


What Alumni are Saying:

"I was a part of the Newman Center during my time in Rochester—it kept me grounded during the hectic times as a student and also helped me grow in my faith."~Christopher Bonino ’02, ’03 (MS)

"You know, going to college so far away from home in Texas, it was a little daunting to find a support system. But I found it in Fr. Cool and . . . that lasted through my Take 5, through law school, through running a business, and being in my early thirties."~J. J. González ’11

"For me, Newman was truly a ‘home away from home.’ It allowed me to strengthen my faith, deepen my relationship with my sister, and . . . create those lifelong, lasting memories and friends that I still have today."~Valeria Lopez-Aldaco ’14

"Whether it was through InstaMass or Newman Nites or Mass on Sundays with the beautiful music the choir put on, Kairos Retreats, or just hanging out with Fr. Cool, Newman became an integral part of my college experience and . . . many of my fondest memories revolve around Newman."~Andrew Scala ’11

"While the University helped shape my mind with academics, Newman helped sculpt my heart by providing meaningful experiences to build friendships with my peers and with God."~Katelyn Seliskar ’11, ’12W (MS)