UR Newman

University of Rochester's Catholic Newman Community

Weekly Events


10:30am Mass - River Level, Interfaith Chapel

7:00pm Mass - River Level, Interfaith Chapel (Starting Sept. 4th)


6:00pm Newman Night Free Dinner - River Level, Interfaith Chapel

7:00pm Rosary Prayer - River Level, Interfaith Chapel


9:00pm Instamass - Susan B. Anthony Dorm, Friel Lounge

Holy Day of Obligation and Special Feast Days Mass

Special masses are held at 12:30 pm on the Holy Day of Obligation and Special Feast Days are scheduled with additional times. Please see the Newman Calendar for mass times and locations.

Holy Days of Obligation 2016-2017: All Saints, Nov. 1st; Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8th; Ascension of Jesus, May 25th, Assumption of Mary, Aug. 15th).

Special Feast Days in 2017: Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12th; Ash Wednesday, March 1st; Palm Sunday, April 9th; Holy Thursday, April 13th; Good Friday, April 14th, Holy Saturday, April 15th; Easter Sunday, April 16th.

Special Events

Newman Orientation 2016

Orientation Mass: Class of 2020

8/28/16 | 10:30am | Interfaith Chapel

Orientation Special Insta-Mass: Class of 2020

8/28/16 | 9:30pm | Interfaith Chapel

Jenga Jam

8/24/16 | 10:30pm - midnight | Interfaith Chapel

Mafia Game Night

8/29/16 | 6:30pm - 8:00pm | Interfaith Chapel

2016 Welcoming Mass and Picnic

9/18/16 | 10:30am & 7:00pm | Interfaith Chapel

Kairos Retreat

(Friday) 9/30/16 @ 5pm – (Sunday) 10/2/16 @ 1pm | Mercy Prayer Center (rides provided)

*Confessions anytime by appointment, contact Fr. Cool

Learn more about our staff, students, programming and more! Watch this video to get to know our community.

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News and Announcements

Class of 2020

Congratulations on being accepted to the University of Rochester, and welcome to the Catholic Newman Community, your "home away from home."

"Newman proved to be the most welcoming community on campus. Participating has not only allowed me to forge some great friendships, but also to create a sense of belonging here in Rochester." – Lucas Avelar '19

"Adjusting to college can be really scary; going to mass that first week felt like going home for an hour. It was comfortable and familiar when everything else around me was totally new." – Maura Jebb '18

"I would highly recommend coming to the Chapel to see how Newman makes Catholicism accessible and enjoyable for college students specifically." – Griffin Cunningham '19

"Joining the Newman community has built me both spiritually and socially. I have received a family that keeps me well and cares for me regardless; walking with me in every step. It is more than just a spiritual family!" – Sophia Kaganda '19

We have many exciting events planned for the start of the coming year and hope you might join us for Newman Night, a free home-cooked meal every Tuesday; Big Newman/Little Newman, to connect with an upperclassman and get to know the college and Newman firsthand; and of course, Sunday Mass at 10:30am for those who like to get up early and 7pm for those who like to sleep in.


Spiritual Life

Meet the Staff

Chaplain's Medallion Award

Recognize an outstanding community member for their contribution to the Catholic Newman Community by giving them the chance of winning the Chaplian's Medallion award!

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