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A Place to Pray, A Place to Gather, A Place to Grow

“College years are a critical developmental time, and our students are navigating complex and confusing spiritual, intellectual, and moral challenges. Newman can provide the foundation to prepare our students to be disciples far beyond campus. Your gift today will help us make history.”



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Where we are

For more than 50 years, Newman priests and chaplains have supported Catholic students and the entire University community, providing spiritual, emotional, and practical counsel to those in need.

By engaging in prayer, attending mass, participating in Kairos retreats, and celebrating the sacraments, our students become authentic witnesses of Christian life.

Inspirational programs, retreats, and volunteer opportunities such as Alternative Spring Break help our students grow personally, spiritually, and socially while developing valuable leadership skills.

Through lectures, interfaith dialogue, and study, students enhance their understanding of the Catholic tradition. They gain greater self-awareness and the ability to firmly articulate their faith.

  • With more than 2,000 students, Catholicism is the largest denomination at UR
  • An estimated 70% of Christian students lose their faith during their college years 1
  • Newman engages more than 450 students in programming and Mass each week
  • Newman provides more than 100 programs and ministry offerings each year

Consider this

The undergraduate student body has grown by more than 30 percent since 2006, and growth in the Catholic student population has outpaced all other religious groups. Twenty-five percent of our undergraduates today identify as Catholic. Newman still operates in the same limited space with essentially the same number of staff as when it was first established in 1963. To expand programs and reach an underserved population that includes first-generation and international students, Eastman and medical students, and students who have drifted away from their faith, Newman needs more space.

Where we are going

With its own student center, Newman can fully serve our large and diverse student body with more sacramental experiences, increased pastoral presence, and expanded student outreach and engagement.

University leadership enthusiastically supports this building effort and has provided an ideal campus location for a Newman Student Center. Newman leadership and board members support this challenge to raise the funds for this historic, transformational new building.

Please click here to watch our Town Hall from June 24, 2020. In it you will find more details on renderings, floorplans, and FAQs on the project, including naming opportunities.

If you have any questions about giving to the project or on the building itself, please email us at


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Thank you!

Thank you to all who have donated to this transformational project thus far! We honestly could not have done any of this without you—creating new and exciting opportunities for worship, faith formation, social fellowship, and service for generations to come!

  • Sunil '00, '00 and Emily Abraham
  • Troy Anderson
  • Adam Baber
  • Robert and Linda Barbato
  • Andrew '91, '93 (MS), P'22 and Kara Bosco '91, '93 (MS), '98S (MBA), P'22
  • Donald '55 and Mary Gay Brady
  • Gregory '05 and Erin Briggs '05
  • Grace Caza '17
  • Catherine Cool Rumsey and Gary Rumsey
  • Elizabeth Coughlin '12
  • Diane Davies Parrinello '61, P'85, P'87S (MBA), P'91, P'93 and John Parrinello '60, P'85, P'87S (MBA), P'91, P'93
  • Joseph Demo Jr. '54
  • David '00 and Laura Drahms
  • Joan Dutcher Hoffman '55
  • Michael and Joanna Grosodonia
  • William '56, '63W (EdM), '78W (EdD) and Ann Guiffre '56N
  • David P'08 and Nancy Hansen P'08
  • Lucille Izzo and Raymond Sherbinski
  • Glenn '62 and Bridget Janus
  • Tyler Kieft '10
  • Hyun and Bonnie Koo
  • Ann Marie Kubarek '84
  • John '02 and Aubrey LaBoda III
  • Ruth Lawrence '49M (MD), '58M (Res), P'73, P'81M (MD)
  • Mary Louise Leene '50
  • Joseph Mack '55
  • John '41 and Enriqueta Manhold
  • Brian P'23 and Nicole McDonald P'23
  • Sean '91 and Antonia McKillop
  • Martin Seamus McLaughlin '16
  • Gary P'16 and Kathleen Michael P'16
  • Christian '92S (MBA) and Lisa Modesti
  • Philip Morace '81
  • John Morace Jr. P'81
  • Brennan '10, '11S (MBA) and Vanessa Mulcahey
  • Lamar and William Murphy
  • Kevin Parker P'08, P'10, P'11 (MS) and Jean Baric Parker P'08, P'10, P'11 (MS)
  • Lisa Petote-Etter P'14 and John Etter P'14
  • Sharon Porcellio '79 and Joseph Kubarek '79
  • William '50 and Barbara Pulsifer '52 †
  • Joseph P'13 and Carrie Sindelar Jr. P'13
  • Joseph Sindelar III '13
  • Constance Smiley '76 and Gregory Thomas '76
  • Christopher '85, '92S (MBA), P'14, Tonia P'14, Theodore '14, and Callea Teumer
  • Eugene '63, P'91 and Gloria Ulterino '62, P'91
  • Janice '78S (MBA), P'15S (MBA) and Joseph Willett '75S (MBA), P'15S (MBA)
  • Timothy '80M (MD) and Cathy Woodlock
  • James '81, '88 (PhD), P'18 and Jeanette Zavislan '83, '87W (MS), P'18

“The Newman Community cultivates and serves all aspects of our students’ lives and provides a welcoming space for personal growth, faith, and leadership. We wholeheartedly support Newman’s quest to expand their ministry and better serve our growing student population.”



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